Nieuw! Hempz Men Shave Gel

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Never miss a spot with our unique non-foaming clear shave gel that brings the ultimate control to your shave. It's specially formulated for shaving and edging because of the incredible razor glide and clear view. Witch Hazel and Aloe help to comfort and soothe skin while defending against flare ups. Use in shower, on your face or body, Hempz for Men Gel has you covered.

Artikelnummer: 115-7305-03


Geur: Ocean Mist
Inhoud: 177 ml

Kenmerken en voordelen:

Non-foaming clear shave gel precision grooming
Advanced lubricants gel provide incredible glide, comfort and smoothness
Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera help protect skin during and after your perfect shave

Green Tea
THC Vrij
Parabenen Vrij
Gluten Vrij

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Fles 250 ml, Mini