SNOOKI™ My Beaches Dark Bronzing Lotion

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Specifically designed to help build and extend the life of your tan, this professional indoor & outdoor formula is the perfect grab and go must have for a trip to your tanning salon or a day outside enjoying the sun.  Enriched with skin nurturing Matcha & Aloe Vera, this dark bronzing gem leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth while delivering a just from the beach golden glow. 

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  • Natural Bronzers with Erythrulose help provide an even bronze hue.
  • Dark tanning blend of natural tan enhancers help prepare skin for dark golden color.
  • Aloe Vera and Matcha, a super concentrated form of Green Tea high in Antioxidants, helps skin to feel hydrated and smooth while helping to reduce redness for that perfect beach glow.

    Professional Indoor & Outdoor Formula

    Does Not Contain Sunscreen

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